The Arts Society Mid Somerset

Welcome to our Society

The Arts Society Mid Somerset, founded in 1991, is a member society of the The Arts Society (originally the National Association of Decorative and Fine Art Societies - NADFAS), formed in 1968 by the late Patricia Fay OBE to stimulate interest and to increase knowledge of a wide field of fine arts subjects.

Lectures are held in Caryford Hall, Ansford, Castle Cary normally on the third Tuesday of the month, except for August and September when there are no lectures. There is extensive free parking at this attractive modern hall which has a 'hearing loop'.

The ten Tuesday morning lectures, given by professional speakers, are our core activity for the year. There are also visits throughout the year to exhibitions, museums, art galleries, country houses and gardens. The Society is a very friendly group of people who enjoy sharing the same interests.

The affairs of the Society are managed by a committee of elected members. The AGM is held in April.

Message from our Chairman

I very much hope that you are remaining safe and free from the effects of Covid 19 during these testing times. I am well aware that most of you are being deluged with information as a result of the ongoing pandemic and I do not wish to add, unnecessarily, to this tsunami! That said I hope that you will welcome news of what your Committee has been up to as we struggle to keep up with fast moving events.

Lecture Cancellations. You have already received news of the cancellation of our planned lectures during March, April, May and June: the good news is that all the lecturers have been rescheduled to appear in the future. Sadly, given the present Government direction, and the unlikely prospect of it easing dramatically in the near term, the Committee has taken the decision to cancel the lecture scheduled for 21 July. The Programme Coordinator will investigate the possibility of rescheduling this event also. This does mean that we will have a clear break until our programme is due to restart in October to see what options lie ahead. I must tell you that all our lecturers, who depend on their programmes for their livelihood, have been very understanding of the situation and accommodating with regard to cancellation fees and expenses.

Society Visits. The planned trip to Northumberland (2-6 July) has been cancelled and Ann Biddle has been in touch with all concerned. We still hope to run the trip to Glyndebourne Opera and the Heritage of Sussex (11 – 13 October).

Days of Special Interest. Our Days of Special Interest Coordinator is not planning anything for the remainder of this calendar year, but is looking for inspiration for early in 2021. Please let her know if you have any particular aspect of the arts you would like to see covered.

Membership. As announced in the last correspondence to you, membership cards and our programme of future lectures will not be made available until we know what lies ahead in more detail; thus avoiding unnecessary work and expense to the Society. If you have not yet submitted your application for membership for the coming season please do so. If, for any reason, you are unable to do so, but wish to renew your membership, please contact Nicky Davey. When the final extent of the disruption to our programme is known we will inform you how we plan to ensure that you are not charged for events that did not take place: probably by reducing the fees for the following year.

The Arts Society has extended their cancellation of all National and Area sponsored events until 30 June, when this decision will be reviewed.

Passing on information to others. I am aware that there is a small minority who do not find technology easy. If you know of anyone in this category please contact them and let them know the content of this communication: in these times of isolation they will welcome your call.

Finally, it remains only to wish you all the very best in the weeks and months ahead until we, hopefully, can return to Caryford Hall to enjoy our further appreciation of the arts.

Peter Robertson
Honorary Chairman
24 April 2020