The Arts Society 'Young Arts'

The primary aim of 'Young Arts' is to promote opportunities for young people to learn enjoy and participate in artistic activities. The belief that the arts have the potential to enrich lives is at the heart of everything that we do. There is no set format for projects they can vary according to local circumstances. 'Young Arts' activities may include music drama and dance as well as the visual arts. See the latest Newsletter »

In 2016/17 The Arts Society Mid Somerset supported King Ina Academy Infants and Junior School in Somerton with grants.The Artist Jan Niedojadlo worked with pupils on the two school sites. The project was to make two interactive 'pods' from recycled materials.

During these sessions the pupils enjoyed learning about Design and Structure and the selection of resources.They were helped to discuss the project and to assess the strength and texture of materials.Pupils learned new skills and techniques by using paint,tape,cable ties and adhesive surfaces.

The 'pods' are providing an on-going resource for pupils to use for interaction,cooperative activities and enjoyment.

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